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History of the UCSF Uganda Exchange

UCSF and Makerere University have enjoyed long-standing training and research partnerships. This started with the pioneering work of Jon Ziegler, a UCSF oncologist with a specific interest in lymphoma, who spent many years in Uganda fostering training and research. He helped to found the Uganda Cancer Institute. More recently, collaborative research has focused on infectious diseases (primarily HIV/AIDS and malaria) and on clinical training for medicine residents, medical students, and surgical residents.

Mulago Hospital also has had excellent long-term relations with a number of other US universities and international organizations. Case Western and Maryland have supported programs there, and HVO (Health Volunteers Overseas) has US physicians volunteering there helping to train local physicians. HVO has programs there in pediatrics and orthopedic surgery (see attached Site Description, etc.). In 1998, HVO attempted to establish a program in General Surgery at Mulago. Despite local enthusiasm, HVO was unsuccessful due to a lack of ACS sponsorship.