Global Surgery

Global Surgery

"We may learn a vital lesson from practitioners in developing countries: They have become experts in dealing with much more severe health problems in ever greater populations of people with fewer resources..." - Geelhoed, 1998 Bulletin ACS

The UCSF Program in Surgery and Global Health is an organization dedicated to the international exchange of general surgery residents and attendings, in order to share surgical knowledge and experience across the globe.

Thus far, we have established a program of exchange in the East African nation of Uganda, based at Makerere University in Kampala, and UCSF surgery residents have begun to rotate at Mulago Hospital, the primary teaching hospital in the country and one of the premier teaching hospitals in that part of the world.

Regular meetings are held approximately monthly where planning is done and issues such as funding are discussed. All residents and faculty are welcome to attend and contribute. For more information, please follow the links.


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